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  • New Popular Just To Be Clear

    Just To Be Clear

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    When Angela got married, her husband had her convinced that he wasn’t the jealous type – he had no problem with his wife fucking other guys for work! However, like most men, he couldn’t deal for long and filed for divorce. Being a succes

  • New Popular Two To Tango

    Two To Tango

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    Keiran just moved next door to a wholesome couple, Monique and her husband. As he’s unpacking, he pops over to their place to borrow a hammer, and that’s when he finds out Monique’s naughty little secret —she moonlights as a stripp

  • New Popular Hardcore Initiation

    Hardcore Initiation

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    When college dean Jasmine catches frat guy Jordi initiating a pledge on campus, she is absolutely furious – she will not tolerate this kind of behavior at her school! While his fellow frat brothers run for the hills, Jasmine gets a hold of Jordi and

  • New Popular Milking Clit

    Milking Clit

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    Shy Ella has never received a professional massage before, so she asks for a female masseuse. Horny masseuse Jillian wants to introduce Ella to the benefits of mixing milking tables and massage. She begins rubbing her down regularly, but soon tells her sh

  • Popular Polishing His Trophy

    Polishing His Trophy

    by Admin Added 3,525 Views / 0 Likes

    Justin Hunt is a masseur specializing in the unique skill of massaging rich wives — he’s studied the art of giving wealthy women what they want. When a businessman brings his gorgeous wife Ariella into Justin’s spa, he takes a seat outsi

  • Popular Cucked For Historical Accuracy

    Cucked For Historical Accuracy

    by Admin Added 4,492 Views / 0 Likes

    Britney Amber’s husband is a major history nerd trying to spice it up in the bedroom with some medieval roleplay. He’s even hired a “knight” to battle, hoping to win the heart of his long-suffering wife. The dorky roleplay does lit

  • Popular Mermaid Vibes

    Mermaid Vibes

    by Admin Added 3,191 Views / 0 Likes

    Who wouldn’t want to get wet with the gorgeous Penny Pax? The smoking hot redhead drenches herself in oil, teases through bubbles and gets her ass and pussy pounded while rocking a sexy, sultry siren look. You’ll never look at a mermaid the sa

  • Popular Mounted By My Mother-In-Law

    Mounted By My Mother-In-Law

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    All Kyle wants to do it watch the game, but his new wife is such a nag. Worse still, his mother-in-law Brandi is on her way over. When Brandi arrives, she takes it upon herself to boss Kyle around and whip him into shape. Just when he thinks he can get ba

  • Popular Welcome to the Neighborwhore

    Welcome to the Neighborwhore

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    When Sean moves into his new neighborhood, it doesn’t take long for him to be welcomed by the sexy neighborhood slut Eva. She brings a whole new meaning to the term “welcome wagon” as she shoves a delicious muffin in Sean’s mouth a

  • Popular All Dolled Up: Spring Break Edition

    All Dolled Up: Spring Break Edition

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    It’s Spring Break 2018, and Justin and his best bro are getting everything ready for their big trip. They decided to buy themselves a super sexy Brazzer’s Doll, but when his friend shows up at Justin’s house he’s got a big surprise

  • Popular Anal Surprise Party

    Anal Surprise Party

    by Admin Added 7,711 Views / 0 Likes

    Bill’s girlfriend is throwing him a surprise birthday dinner, and decides to invite their friend AJ and her boyfriend over. However, AJ’s got a tricky plan to give Bill a surprise of her own. She’s been bored of her boyfriend for a while

  • Popular Lined Up And Laid Out

    Lined Up And Laid Out

    by Admin Added 12.2k Views / 0 Likes

    There’s a flasher on the loose and Officer Sins has rounded up some suspects. A witness recognizes Nicole’s tits and identifies her as the perp. Officer Sins questions Nicole and it quickly becomes clear he can’t release her in her curre

  • Popular Fuck the Bourgeois

    Fuck the Bourgeois

    by Admin Added 2,664 Views / 0 Likes

    Charlotte Sartre is just trying to take a break from her transient lifestyle and maybe get some quarters- sitting on the street, she’s unimpressed when uptight businessman Xander Corvus walks past her. Not liking his salty attitude, she spits on his

  • Popular Oil Spill Thrills

    Oil Spill Thrills

    by Admin Added 7,565 Views / 0 Likes

    Keiran's got a new job at a massage office, and has been warned about the spoiled rich customer Reagan – she demands her masseur give her everything she asks for. Once Keiran begins rubbing her down, she doesn’t like the brand of oil he’

  • Popular Night Caps

    Night Caps

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    Brazzers sat down with 6 real life moms to find out the nitty gritty on their real fantasies and sexual preferences. We now present this special Mother’s Day scene inspired by their feedback. The party is winding down as Chanel grabs a drink and tri

  • Popular Flex and Sex

    Flex and Sex

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    Rebecca is a sexy aerobics instructor teaching a hot new class. When no one shows up, she’s left with no choice but to grab the first guy she spots. Lucky fella Jordi just happens to be passing her dance studio when Rebecca yanks him inside the stud

  • Popular Bisexual Bride

    Bisexual Bride

    by Admin Added 5,777 Views / 0 Likes

    Abigail can’t believe she had to find out about Felicity’s wedding through friends. That’s no way to treat an ex-girlfriend! Abigail crashes the party to show Felicity just what she’ll be missing…

  • Popular The Perfect Hostess 2

    The Perfect Hostess 2

    by Admin Added 10.4k Views / 0 Likes

    Lela always goes the extra mile to make her guests feel special. So when her husband's boss wants to fuck her, she can't help but oblige. While her husband entertains the other dinner party guests, Lela entertains Keiran with her big round ass and fake ti

  • Popular Taking Artistic Liberties

    Taking Artistic Liberties

    by Admin Added 3,971 Views / 0 Likes

    Mandy Muse is posing as an art model for Markus Dupree, but she’s pissed when she sees the final result: there’s no WAY her ass is that big! Markus assures her that he may have exaggerated for artistic effect, but she should be proud to have t

  • Popular You've Changed Part 2

    You've Changed Part 2

    by Admin Added 10.3k Views / 0 Likes

    After catching Kira Noir fucking his girlfriend, Johnny Sins wants her out of the house - now! She’s getting ready to leave with a nice steamy shower when he catches sight of her soaping up, and as much as he hates to admit it, he kind of gets where

  • Popular My Stepmom Is A Sex Fiend

    My Stepmom Is A Sex Fiend

    by Admin Added 7,631 Views / 0 Likes

    Uptight teen Alina is sick and tired of her stepmother’s bad behavior. Alina knows for a fact that Cherie is cheating on her father and she has no idea how to make her stepmom stop. Alina decides that it’s time for an intervention - on live te

  • Popular Busting The Barista

    Busting The Barista

    by Admin Added 8,222 Views / 0 Likes

    After deciding to retire from porn, Karma RX moonlights as a barista in a café: she loves the relaxing, low key work where she can connect with “civilians”. She’s recognized by Xander Corvus, who tries to convince her to get back

  • Popular Eye on the Infield

    Eye on the Infield

    by Admin Added 13.8k Views / 0 Likes

    Diamond Jackson’s new husband convinces her and his son, Justin Hunt, to spend some quality time together watching the game. Diamond is more interested in Justin than in the game, and tries to get him off with her husband right beside her. Starting

  • Popular Yoni Yogi

    Yoni Yogi

    by Admin Added 6,542 Views / 0 Likes

    Yoni Yoga combines two of Mercedes’ greatest loves – getting off and stretching it out! After filling her holes with yoni eggs, Mercedes spreads her legs wide and grinds all over the floor, treating her perfect pussy and tight little asshole t

  • Popular Our Valedick-torian

    Our Valedick-torian

    by Admin Added 8,989 Views / 0 Likes

    Despite her brains, Aspen is unsure she’s going to be valedictorian for high school grad. Now that she’s eighteen, she’s going to take matters into her own hands. She shows up to Principal Sins’ office to prove her dedication to hi

  • Popular String Me Along

    String Me Along

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    Tana Lea is all wrapped up like the present she is; watch her untie the mess of string holding in her gorgeous curves while she flaunts for the camera. Drenched in oil and fully liberated, she's joined by Keiran Lee, who appreciates her incredible body in

  • Popular You've Changed Part 1

    You've Changed Part 1

    by Admin Added 7,433 Views / 0 Likes

    Sailor Luna has grown up and left her slutty bi-curious college days behind her, she’s all grown up now with a house and a boyfriend all to herself. After getting an impromptu phone call from one of her old classmates, Sailor can’t help but ha

  • Popular Sacrifice My Ass

    Sacrifice My Ass

    by Admin Added 3,660 Views / 1 Likes

    Joanna worships at the temple of dick. The badass babe is willing to do all kinds of things to get her fill, including trickling hot wax all over her body before getting tied up by Xander, a hooded figure who knows exactly what she’s been praying fo

  • Popular Moriah Fucks Her Muse

    Moriah Fucks Her Muse

    by Admin Added 18.5k Views / 0 Likes

    Romance writer Moriah has hit a creative roadblock – no matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to make progress on her latest novel. While she can’t be totally sure, she has a feeling that her non-existent sex life is to blame –

  • Popular Something Borrowed Something Blew

    Something Borrowed Something Blew

    by Admin Added 13.3k Views / 0 Likes

    It’s the day of Kelsi Monroe and her fiance’s intimate, at-home private wedding, and there’s only one thing standing in the way of their blessed union: Kelsi can’t take her eyes off the smoking hot officiant, JMac! Will their marri

  • Popular Sneaky Mom 2

    Sneaky Mom 2

    by Admin Added 17.8k Views / 0 Likes

    On the surface, Alena seems like a happy mother and wife. But below that surface is a cock-hungry milf who won't let anything get between her and a good fuck. So when she catches her daughter's cute new boyfriend trying to sneak out of her house, she poun

  • Popular Gold Standard

    Gold Standard

    by Admin Added 5,566 Views / 0 Likes

    Watch Honey Gold live up to her name as she’s drenched in luxurious gold, oil and jewelry. The high shine, metallic satin sheets compliment her perfect skin as she teases for you, showing off her tits and shaking her ass before being joined by Johnn