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  • Popular Dinner for Deviants: Amuse-Bouche

    Dinner for Deviants: Amuse-Bouche

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    After ten years waiting for his big break, aspiring actor Xander can't believe his luck at being invited to dinner at the home of notorious starmaker Bernard. As soon as he arrives, it's clear that this isn't going to be a normal dinner, as Bernard's stun

  • Popular Little Runaway

    Little Runaway

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    Jill Kassidy had what everyone thought was a perfect life and a perfect fiance, and she just couldn't take it anymore. Tired of being a "yes girl" who could never refuse anyone, one day Jill decided to say yes only to herself, heading out on the open road

  • Popular Branching Out

    Branching Out

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    In a city far from her friends and family and newly out of a job, Gianna isn't sure how she's going to make rent when by chance she crosses paths with Charles. The tall, dapper, and very handsome gentleman notices the beautiful damsel is in need of some h

  • Popular The Sessions: Part 6

    The Sessions: Part 6

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    Welcome to The Sessions, a sexy series that allows you into one of the most intimate spaces known to man—the therapist’s office. Be a fly on the wall as patients and practitioners explore their sexualities. Each episode features a different th

  • Popular The Sessions: Part 4

    The Sessions: Part 4

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    Welcome to The Sessions, a sexy series that allows you into one of the most intimate spaces known to man—the therapist’s office. Be a fly on the wall as patients and practitioners explore their sexualities. Each episode features a different th

  • Popular Glo-Up


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    Seeing her ex, Eddie, with his new girlfriend was the motivation bootylicious brunette Mandy Muse needed to go out and get him back. Mandy's feeling better and looking hotter than ever, and just one look at her amazing ass as she walked away was enough to

  • Popular Rose Petal Proposition

    Rose Petal Proposition

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    It's Bambi and Johnny's anniversary, so she's created a sensual playground with lacy red lingerie, rose petals on her bed, and a trail of candles to help him find his way to her. The only thing missing is her boyfriend! Bambi's stepmom Dana gives her swee

  • Self Love 3

    Self Love 3

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    Cozy and comfy in bed, Luna hasn't even opened her eyes as her hand finds its way between her legs, teasing and tantalizing her clit through her lace teddy. The petite Euro beauty is so absorbed in her pleasure, she doesn't notice when her boyfriend Stirl

  • Popular Fix Me Good

    Fix Me Good

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    Carolina's got the hots for her married landlord, Rob, so she takes every opportunity to call him to fix things around her place...even if she has to break them first! Tired of just admiring him from afar, Carolina finally decides to make a move the ebony

  • Popular Break of Dawn

    Break of Dawn

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    Ella slips into her lacy white robe and makes herself a cup of coffee, but it's going to take more than that to get this gorgeous brunette going this morning! As her husband JMac pads back from the shower, wearing only his jeans and looking good enough to

  • Popular The Voyeur

    The Voyeur

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    For exhibitionist Lily, teasing her neighbor Charles is a nightly ritual. As she backstrokes nude with her perky boobs cresting out of the water, she loves to fantasize about Charles watching her and stroking his cock! Heading inside, she turns on the lig

  • Popular Full Service Room Service

    Full Service Room Service

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    Alone in her hotel room, Alina feels a little lonely and decides to video chat her man at home. She shows him just how much she misses him by giving him a steamy live show as she gets naked, sucks her fingers and rubs her clit...until her cell phone recep

  • Can't Wait To See You

    Can't Wait To See You

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    Tall, leggy beauty Elena has dressed herself up in lacy lingerie to look sweetly sexy for a visit from her secret lover, but when she texts him to come over, he tries to put an end to their illicit affair. Frustrated, Elena decides to play with her pussy

  • Popular Nuru Massage-My Sister's Test

    Nuru Massage-My Sister's Test

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    Pussy Licking, Big Tits, Brunette, Shower, Handjob, Blowjob, 69, Hardcore, Body Sliding, MassageVideo Description:Abigail Mac has a favor to ask her step-brother Seth Gamble. After all, she is his favorite step-sister. His ONLY step-sister, Seth corrects

  • Popular Can I Make It Up To You?

    Can I Make It Up To You?

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    After a fight, sometimes it can feel impossible to bridge the gap, but although her boyfriend rebuffs her attempts, Lily resolves to keep trying. When rubbing Xander's shoulders still won't bring him out of his silent treatment, Lily wordlessly opens her

  • Popular High Fashion Anal

    High Fashion Anal

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    Temperamental model Cassie is taking her time getting ready in the sexy black and gold lingerie and bright pink couture pantsuit, and photographer Dorian is getting antsy! When he finally gets Cassie in front of his camera, things don't go much better, as

  • Popular Mind-Body Connection

    Mind-Body Connection

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    Yoga teacher Anny prepares for her next class with some stretching and meditation before new student Jax arrives. Jax is hoping to improve his flexibility and Anny promises to help him learn to touch his toes, although he prefers watching his instructor's

  • Popular Sparks and Sparkplugs

    Sparks and Sparkplugs

    by Admin Added 5,248 Views / 0 Likes

    When Jojo Kiss's car breaks down on the side of the road she thinks all hope is lost, but coincidentally, she winds up right near the dwelling of her brother's best friend, Xander Corvus. Xander, a mechanic and a gentleman, offers to take a look under her

  • Popular The House Always Wins

    The House Always Wins

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    Charlie Dean has played a terrible card game and now he’s desperate for cash, and now he’s come begging to his wife Cherry Kiss to put her perfect ass on the line for him. Wealthy investor Christina Shine is willing to cover his loss so long a

  • Popular Push Back

    Push Back

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    Kira Noir has been doing everything she can to seduce Xander Corvus, but there’s one thing standing in her way – his girlfriend. Kira’s roommate is a nice enough person, but her boyfriend Xander makes Kira want to wrap her luscious lips

  • Popular Basement Booty

    Basement Booty

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    All Misha Cross wants to do after a long week is spend a whole day in the basement, just cuddling with her boyfriend Chris Diamond. But with a love like theirs, it’s a given that soft kisses slowly lead to a passionate blowjob in the shower. After s

  • Popular Right Under Your Nose

    Right Under Your Nose

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    Emma is intimately aware of her hot neighbor Nat, but she worries that the ebony stud doesn't even know she exists. Tired of spending another Saturday night alone and waiting for something to happen, the quiet blonde decides to make her own luck! She slip

  • Popular Sorority Rush

    Sorority Rush

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    College roommates Chloe and Darcie do everything together, and when they get home from Chloe's first party, Darcie resolves to find out just how sheltered her new bestie really is. Not only has tall blonde Chloe never been on a date before, she's never ev

  • Popular Too Hot to Handle

    Too Hot to Handle

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    When Luna gets home, she can tell right away that the radiator is broken again! She strips down to her skivvies and does her best to keep cool in front of the fan. When her boyfriend Vince arrives, he follows suit, but the sight of Luna's gorgeous big tit

  • Popular Self Love 2

    Self Love 2

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    A dimly lit room and a four-post bed are the setting Eliza has chosen for a sensual evening of self love. Putting on her finest lingerie and playing some soft music, Eliza takes her time exploring and appreciating her body, feeling the curves of her subtl

  • Popular Car Double Trouble

    Car Double Trouble

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    Girlfriends Alice Fabre and Cathy Heaven love having a little bit of naughty fun, even when they are having car trouble. When Lutro arrives valiantly to their aid as they wait on the side of the road, these beauties begin softly kissing in front of him! A

  • Popular Different Kind of Daddy

    Different Kind of Daddy

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    Honey Gold has a naughty little secret: she's always found her dad's best friend Mick attractive. When she was younger she liked him because he was funny, but now, looking at him makes her body shiver and tense up in the best way. When Honey takes a semes

  • Popular Maid For You

    Maid For You

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    After Elsa gets caught slacking off by her rich and famous employer Nat, the perky blonde maid will do anything to make it up to him. Elsa offers to run errands or polish his silverware, but it's Nat's cock that's really in need of a good polish. Elsa sho

  • Popular Alter Ego

    Alter Ego

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    Ember loves her hubby Mike and their sweet lovemaking, but sometimes she misses the wild passion they used to have, the marathon fuck sessions where she ached with desire to submit as he dominated her. As Ember and Mike get frisky before bed with some ten

  • Popular Hotel Sex

    Hotel Sex

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    When Loren checks into a swanky hotel with her husband Vince, the transformation is instantaneous: she casts off her everyday life with her conservative clothes and turns into the naughty vixen of their fantasies! Loren cuffs her man's hands over his head

  • Popular Now or Never

    Now or Never

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    Akarra has had her eye on her sexy boss for a long time, but he's always dated only the hottest models who audition for his agency. When she learns that he's finally single again, she knows that this is her big chance to make Mike see her as more than jus

  • Popular Puppy Love

    Puppy Love

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    While frantically searching for her lost pet, redhaired cutie Ava ends up getting accidentally sprayed by her neighbor Isiah's hose! The ebony stud is quick to apologize and offer Ava a dry shirt, as well as anything else she needs to take her mind off he