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  • New That Good Dick

    That Good Dick

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    Everything was great between Zoey and her roommate until her roommate started bringing her boyfriend around. The boyfriend wasn’t himself a problem, it was just that they were fucking around the clock and not quiet about it. At first, Zoey was annoy

  • New From the Edge

    From the Edge

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    When Loren finds out her husband’s a cheater, she takes matters into her own hands by confronting his mistress, Daphne, and enlisting her help in setting things straight. The two women set a trap for the philandering Marc Rose but their retribution

  • Popular Shower Sluts

    Shower Sluts

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    After a shower, Merri gets carried away singing in the washroom. She pretends her hairbrush is a microphone as she imagines herself on stage. Annoyed, Arteya walks in and tells her to shut up. Merri provokes Arteya by singing louder and Arteya pulls down

  • Popular Make-up Sex

    Make-up Sex

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    Everyone who’s ever had a fight with their significant other knows that make-up sex is the best kind of sex. Stirling cheated on Sarah months ago, but still she finds herself unable to forgive him. One day, when she’s supposed to meet him, she

  • Popular Burning the Midnight Oil

    Burning the Midnight Oil

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    Anita is having a sleepover at her friend’s place when a craving for a cigarette kicks in. She wanders the halls trying to find a window to smoke out of when she sees the garage door and heads in. Inside the garage, Anita is startled to find her fri

  • Popular #SheSquats


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    Jenna is a fitspo queen who knows her worth and loves her body. After putting in months of hard work with her trainer Danny, it’s no surprise that she’s developed a crush on him. Today, she wants a different kind of workout and plans to risk i

  • Popular Trouble with the Law

    Trouble with the Law

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    Tia and Veronica are two sexy babes on the run from the law. They’ve just robbed a convenience store (for the rush of it) and are now heading to a seedy motel for a hot fuck and to plan their next move. With babes like these, you never know what you

  • Popular Secret Admirer

    Secret Admirer

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    When Gina arrives home she discovers an anonymous note from a secret admirer. She walks upstairs and finds a gift in her room. Gina opens the gift and is surprised to take out lingerie and a blindfold. Gina changes into the lingerie and puts on the blindf

  • Popular Try It On

    Try It On

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    Alexis just wants to find a nice dress that fits, but when she takes her boyfriend (Nick) along to help her pick one out, she quickly realizes he’s no help at all. The sales clerk (Simony), on the other hand, has an eye for exactly what Alexis needs

  • Popular Pin Up Against the Wall

    Pin Up Against the Wall

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    Sheena is experiencing a crisis of confidence. Tired of not feeling beautiful enough and exhausted from always putting others first, Sheena treats herself to a pin-up girl photo shoot. Lucky for her, the photographer (Ricky) knows exactly how to get her o

  • Popular Tight Spot

    Tight Spot

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    When Nelly finds herself in a tight spot (financially speaking), she turns to the wrong kind of people (local bad boy Luke Hotrod) and ends up even more heavily in debt. She was looking for a quick fix and now she’s fucked. Or so she thinks. She&rsq

  • Popular Drama


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    Alessandra cheated on her girlfriend Amber and got caught. What follows is glimpse into what happens when two fiery women (who aren’t ready to let go of each other), let themselves go in other ways. What do you do when passion trumps logic? For Ales

  • Popular Work Cums First

    Work Cums First

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    When Giselle’s boss asks her to bring over some important documents that just can’t wait, she jumps at the chance to impress, having idolized her boss for quite some time. The door is unlocked when she arrives, and Giselle steps into the lavis

  • Popular Private Trim

    Private Trim

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    Melissa’s salon cancels her appointment and she’s very upset. She’s attending a big event tonight and needs to look her best. Thankfully, Melissa’s neighbor Nat is a high end hairdresser. She stops by his place and begs him for a t

  • Popular One of Everything - Part 4

    One of Everything - Part 4

    by Admin Added 5,048 Views / 1 Likes

    In part 4 of this dramatic series, Lena breaks into her ex-husband’s home office to surprise him and deliver her devastating news in person. The revenge plot has come to fruition and she’s managed to steal his company from him right under his

  • Popular One of Everything - Part 3

    One of Everything - Part 3

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    In part 3, Lena truly begins to put her revenge plans into action when a friend gives her the number of a nefarious broker (notorious for under the table and sly deals). Everything is going smoothly until Lena’s friend slut-shames her during a ladie

  • Popular One of Everything - Part 2

    One of Everything - Part 2

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    In part 2, Lena continues her journey of indulgence by going out to a bar in hopes of finding a hot stranger to fuck. Instead, she ends up running into her ex’s new business partner (Mick). During their intense rendezvous, Mick lets a secret slip ab

  • Popular One of Everything - Part 1

    One of Everything - Part 1

    by Admin Added 7,272 Views / 0 Likes

    Lena is a newly divorced woman who believes in the finer (dirtier) things in life. Now that she no longer has to worry about being faithful to a cheating husband, she plans to indulge her every craving. As her story unfolds, we find out that not only did

  • Popular Not So Private School

    Not So Private School

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    Angela is away at highly regulated girls only college when she spots a peeping tom outside her door. She drags him inside without thinking and demands an explanation for his creepy behavior. After confessing his inability to look away from her beauty, Ang

  • Popular Cuffing Season

    Cuffing Season

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    Rebecca wants to give her boyfriend Marc a sexy surprise, so she blindfolds and handcuffs herself to the bed. When he arrives home to discover her, he doesn’t immediately reveal himself and Rebecca gets a little surprise of her own—is it her m

  • Popular Three's A Crowd

    Three's A Crowd

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    Stefanie’s father has stood her step-mother Cathy up, claiming that he has to work late. Feeling sorry for her, Stephanie invites her to join her and her boyfriend on their date night. Cathy accepts the invitation and things get heated over dinner a

  • Popular Top Woman

    Top Woman

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    Tara Ashley is the personal assistant to a business mogul (Jax Slayher) who runs a less-than above board escorting agency. Clients come from around the world to be served by the elite professionals Jax manages. Tara is tired of being nothing more than the

  • Popular Lipstick and Muscles

    Lipstick and Muscles

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    Elena is a high femme (or, lipstick lesbian) and her girlfriend (Abella) is a butch femme (seductively beautiful but with a more masculine energy that permeates not only her fashion but also her behavior and demeanor). When Elena wants Abella to ditch han

  • Popular Past Due

    Past Due

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    Ella is a studious college co-ed, but when times get tough (and finances get tight) she has to find alternative sources of income. She places an escorting ad and quickly finds herself in a hotel room with a strange man and a fistful of cash. He asks her t

  • Popular Cock Collector

    Cock Collector

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    When Alyssia's dildo goes missing, she enlists her boyfriend to help her find it. They search her stepmom Nikky's room and discover her secret obsession. Nikky is a cock collector! Alyssia has a little fun with her boyfriend, until Nikky catches them in t

  • Popular The Sessions: Part 3

    The Sessions: Part 3

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    Welcome to The Sessions, a sexy series that allows you into one of the most intimate spaces known to man—the therapist’s office. Be a fly on the wall as patients and practitioners explore their sexualities. Each episode features a different th

  • Popular The Sessions: Part 2

    The Sessions: Part 2

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    Welcome to The Sessions, a sexy series that allows you into one of the most intimate spaces known to man—the therapist’s office. Be a fly on the wall as patients and practitioners explore their sexualities. Each episode features a different th

  • Popular The Sessions: Part 1

    The Sessions: Part 1

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    Welcome to The Sessions, a sexy series that allows you into one of the most intimate spaces known to man—the therapist’s office. Be a fly on the wall as patients and practitioners explore their sexuality. Each episode features a different ther

  • Popular Office Hours

    Office Hours

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    Gina is a sexy college co-ed who’s thinking about grad school, so she visits her favorite professor (Danny Mountain) to ask for a recommendation letter. She already has all the requirements any admissions staff would hope for, but Professor Mountain

  • Popular Tribbmill


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    Alisha and Alexi get into a fight over some equipment at the gym, but the girls soon get lost in the heat of the moment. Who needs the treadmill when you can burn more calories on the tribbmill?

  • Popular Take Notes

    Take Notes

    by Admin Added 3,703 Views / 1 Likes

    When Alina boldly visits the home of her crush under the guise of borrowing some notes from school, she has no idea the kind of wild ride she’s about to go on. Greeted at the front door by a bizarrely stoic, older gentleman (Jos Lescaf), Alina meets

  • Popular Worth It

    Worth It

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    While Giselle is pretty laid-back when it comes to most things (like living with her messy male roommate Xander), she has surprisingly high standards when it comes to lingerie – it’s one of the few things she’s willing to spend a little